Saturday, January 16, 2010

Upon further Review

Yes there are 444 bars listed in the yellow pages for the Village. Of which 5 are listed dance clubs, 18 are night clubs, 20 are rock clubs, and at least 25 are gay bars.

There are 38 music stores, 35 movie theaters, and 34 theaters.

There are 1388 restaurants listed. Of which 145 are Italian, 93 are Chinese, 88 are pizza joints, 41 are Mexican, 21 are seafood (but the South Street Seaport is just a bit farther), and 20 are Thai.

There are 205 galleries and art dealers, 20 art supply stores, and (omfg!) 217 artists listed, along with 34 artist agents. Hell that's just the yellow pages. I'm in deep shit here.

I have alot to do ......



  1. *smiles
    I'm choking on a 'You're so cute...'
    Please don't shoot.

  2. gurl i will hunt you to the ends of the earth if you keep that up !!