Friday, January 22, 2010

Tunes 122

So I was toying with the idea of doing like music reviews. Than that morphed into what i thought a song meant. Which begat this. Just a tune of the moment with no meaning what so ever. Doesn't mean I like it doesn't mean i don't. Whatever ....

So for the very first time I geek from a bar in the Village. Tequila, Corona, and my lap in front of me. My 'agent' be damned. So I'm looking at the 7 foot wide screen and see these lips come on the screen. At the moment all i can think is this. My goth, metal, head banging life has devolved to this. Electro Euro Syn Pop Shit.

Where the hell did I go wrong ....

But she is kinda cute ....

La Roux


  1. love, while I'm happy to see you geeking from a bar again - hey, you just have to be who you are, the rest of them be damned - you really need to find a new bar if that's what they play

  2. lamo ! yeah it's not quite me is it ??? and Lady Gaga too !!