Friday, January 8, 2010

The Window Seat

It’s a tiny three room apartment with a bedroom that barely holds my bed. With creaky steps and a door buzzer that sometimes doesn’t work right. Lower Manhattan rent. It all doesn’t seem worth it. Except for one thing …

The window seat

It’s almost two feet deep and crammed with pillows. The seat is long enough for even me to curl up in. Three floors above the street it is high enough to give a feeling of privacy but yet low enough to see the faces of people as they pass by. And there are always people. Anytime of the day or night there are people going who knows where. It sounds corny but it really is a city that never sleeps.

To sit in the seat is to enter a whole diff world. Even as people and cars rush by time itself seems to slow down. Whether reading, or writing, or just sipping a drink your mind starts to wander. What was, what is, what might be. The future seems a lot clearer and the past not so far away.

Sometimes I just look out the window and smile ….


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