Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Observations from the Window, thoughts of Spring

Sixty degrees yesterday, spring is in the air, those magic words. The sound of birds, the smell of fresh mown grass, and the scent of wet plowed fields surround me. Ah nope, not a chance. OMG! Where am I and what have you done with my spring?

I sat on the sidewalk outside the gallery yesterday and the sounds of traffic, horns, and blaring music filled my ears. The smell of diesel exhaust mingled with the scents from the Chinese restaurant down the street. Not exactly the sounds and scents of spring as I remember them.

Still it was a warm and beautiful day and spring is in the air. You can feel it, sense it isn’t far away now. People were smiling in the streets again, wandering, carrying fresh flowers just flown in from South America. All of them looking like they were just released from the shackles of winter.

Soon my thoughts returned to State College, the mountains and my brother. I wondered if he went to class or bolted to enjoy his last ‘first warm day’. His big graduation day fast approaches, May 15. I’m so excited for him but sad at the same time. He has to join the real world and, for me, it’s just another link to the mountains gone.

I was always so bad when the weather got warm at school. Good thing Art isn’t exactly a major you have to show up for every day. Any warm weather, especially the early warm days, called for an unplanned trip to the beer distributor, the liquor store, and the grocery for limes and ice. Than it was a quick drive to our nice secluded spot in the mountains not far from campus. With big flat rocks to sit on, a mountain stream to keep the beer cold, and the warm sun. It all combined for some pretty memorable lazy days in the sun. Now isn’t that what college is for?

Still no sign of the sunscreen vendor but i think ill wander across the street and buy some of those Brazilian flowers.

I know this weather won’t, it can’t, last. But for now it will do.



  1. /me sends you images of wide open crocuses showing their purple hearts to the sun, daffodils just sticking their heads up, irises starting to push up, tree buds opening, the sun rising in a cloudless sky through the empty branches of the trees that will soon be crowded with that one-of-a-kind color of new green leaves, birds singing like crazy, squirrels chasing each other wildly about, and people striding down the sidewalk with smiles on their faces, happy to be showing their arms, shoulders and legs again for the first time in months

    (ok, I live in the city too, but not *quite* so urban as you)

  2. god you do take it all in dont you, and describe it so well. maybe you should try painting to relax that brain of yours ;-)