Friday, March 19, 2010


Sometimes no matter what happens you just have to walk around with a smile on your face all day long.

Sometimes you have a really good meal, preferably seafood, which tastes so much better because the boss paid for it.

Sometimes you find a band and love it so much they can do know wrong. Everything they play sounds new and totally amazing. In the last couple months I have found two. Sick Puppies and Blue October. Lady Gaga be damned.

Sometimes the city seems so much clearer, the air cleaner, and the sky blue. The people seem happier, polite (now that’s amazing), and smiling. I suppose spring works wonders.

Sometimes the cabbie is being honest and he really can’t speak good English. And he has no idea where the hell he is going.

Sometimes painting seems like a natural extension of my brain. The colors are vibrant, the canvas smooth, the paints mix perfectly. At times like that I feel like I feel like I can literally think what I see onto the canvas.

Sometimes you have an orgasm so amazing it grabs you by the arms and seems to shake you than leaves you stunned, breathless, and just a limp mess in a tangled bed. See the first one above.

It was a good day



  1. /me smiles

    sometimes you rock ;-)

    paint already bitch!

  2. bitch ?? i promise ill do something soon ;-)