Sunday, April 11, 2010


So yeah the trip ….

I have to laugh because you go through the Holland Tunnel and sprint across New Jersey, which is neither here nor there, but it reminds me of one of my brother’s fav jokes. Whenever he meets somebody who say they are from Jersey he answers with ‘yeah, what exit’. Well I think it’s funny.

After three hours of intermittent sleep and reading we pull into the bus station. And there she was waiting on the parking lot. Sitting on the hood of my Foxy was my sister, my mini-me. In so many ways the 17 year old I wish I had been. Cute, athletic, and self-confident to the extreme she seems a more refined and less grating version of the arrogant rebellious teenager I was. Than again if I hadn’t come first she wouldn’t have that well worn leather jacket she was wearing. There is that, and the six extra inches of height I have.

I watched the Masters and Phillies with my dad and spent time with my sis. It was totally a good weekend. But after three months in the Village, and no trip home, I got a heavy dose of culture shock going back to rural Pennsylvania. It aint Kansas but it aint the Village either. Seriously, the birds have more colors than just gray in Pennsylvania.

But what of Foxy. After a top down, hair back, tunes blaring drive back Foxy is parked in a garage just a couple blocks away. As I look out the window I have to smile knowing I’m not as ‘trapped’ as I once felt. I know it was just a feeling but it was a feeling that was eating at me. I need to know I can just get up and go, escape if you will, and not have to depend on a bus or train schedule. Not that I’m going to drive her much, this city totally isn’t made for driving, but when I want to now I can. After all the beach season is upon us and Penn State football is only five months off.

Than there is my mini-me, I miss her already. I love my sis.

tuneage, Deftones - Rocket Skates


  1. /me smiles about your mini-me - and I can totally relate to that 'trapped' feeling - just knowing you have foxy will make that feeling disappear overnight - and 'she' better appreciate what you did for her!

  2. i know ! ill prob hardly ever drive her but knowing she is a couple blocks away makes a world of diff.

    lol. well isn't it human nature that you don't realize the world was ever really any diff than the way you see it ??

  3. lol! i meant what you did for foxy ;-)

  4. Smiling just thinking 'bout you cruisin' down the highway. So happy for you girl!

  5. and where's our foxy pic??

  6. thanks Zu !!

    oh foxy pic ?? one like the vw pic you sent me ?

  7. omg, yes please! you and foxy :-)

  8. lmao ! a pic like that ?? in your dreams gurl, in your dreams =)