Saturday, April 3, 2010

Obsevations from the Window 4.3

Sitting in the window as the sun starts to rise just above the buildings behind me. The rays of light just begin to filter into the street below.

I watch the few rushing people in the street. Are they the last people of the night or the first of the morning? I have no idea. Heading to work? Heading home from a late night at the clubs or sneaking home from their lovers apartment? It really makes no difference I suppose. My wired brain starts to wonder about them, what kind of life they have, and what kind of problems. Are they happy or sad or do they just not care anymore? Ash tells me I need to stop worrying all the time and just live life but sometimes I think I was just born to worry.

Than it hits me that I have been almost 24 hours again with only token sleep. I did have a nap earlier today. Or was that yesterday? Do you think the brain can forget how to sleep? I’m beginning to wonder. Now I understand how the vampire queens do it, they just do it. After awhile your brain forgets it hasn’t slept and goes on as if it has.

At least I’m still smiling. I started the day off with a smile, which for personal reasons and to protect your virgin ears I won’t get into, but I’m still smiling now. Even the semi Cajun voodoo priest wannabe (complete with a fish bone in his hair, I asked) at the bar last night just made me laugh. 24 hours is a long time ....

‘We're off to never-never land’

tuneage, Metallica – Enter the Sandman

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