Monday, May 17, 2010

Observations from the Window 5.17

Every have one of those days when the brain just doesn’t seem to want to function at all? Not in a bad way but its like you look inside your head and see a sign hanging, ‘sorry, being odd today!’ So I just hangout in my window and watch the street, watching and waiting, waiting and watching.

Maybe it’s a hangover from an awesome weekend. My beloved Philadelphia Flyers (hockey peeps, hockey!) made history Friday night. Down three games to none in a best of seven series the came back to win game seven, a game in which they were also down three goals to none in the first period, only the third team in NHL history to accomplish that. From there it just got better and better as the weekend moved on. Suffice to say there were plenty of ins and outs to the quirky subplots that make up my crazy life.

So here I spend my afternoon. I have totally given up on my vendor across the street ever having sunscreen. I’ll just have to run to Walgreens or some such place. Stand in line with all those people buying their crazy pills.

Now I have to laugh because I had to explain, in an email, what I used to do with my failed works of art. I know people that paint over theirs and are perfectly happy with that. But that always seemed wrong to me so I would take mine out in the woods and burned them. Yes burned them in a drum, flames, queue up the Wagner, talking shades of Viking funerals here.

Still watching but I’m not quite sure what I’m waiting for. Got to get to Walgreens.

tuneage, Poets of the Fall - Dreaming Wide Awake


  1. tunage for your viking funerals :-D

  2. so did something worth waiting for ever happen?

  3. good one Kalle !! done much more than viking funerals to that tune. im not telling either

    Val i dont know. other than a little commission im still waiting to see what comes up. still waiting ....

  4. Odd days are the ones I usually hate. Then for whatever reason I end up finding inspiration in that oddness a day or two later. As for burning your paintings. You are not alone. As a ceramics nerd I end up destroying pieces rather than lament their existence on some closet shelf. There is a certain release and cycle of rebirth that comes out of totally crushing a bad or so-so piece of artwork. It makes room for really good stuff and does not come back to haunt you later.

  5. I know !! i have already spent days on something and just give up. totally hate it and destroy it. i don't think i ever finished something and did that but i usually don't let it get that far. my frustration ends the process long before that. and i know what you mean about that feeling of total release that comes with it. lol course my dad used to get a bit pissed at my wasting good canvas :)