Monday, June 7, 2010

Observations from the Coffee Shop 6.7

So how did people live before the internet? Tell me please as I am going thru withdrawal here and it has only been about twelve hours. Poof it went late last night and I awoke to a blank screen. I have vented by text and chat and now I guess I vent by blog.

It is a beautiful day in the Village though, a welcome touch of spring in the midst of early summer. Wait it isn’t summer yet, well you could have fooled me, calendar be damned. Seems like every year there is less and less of spring, to the point it seems like a distant childhood memory. But all that is forgotten as I sit at a table outside my coffee shop just watching the girls pass by.

Which brings me back to the web and the question, why am I here when I should be working? Because I needed a fix, I needed some more internet than my little Droid will give me. So I said I needed some iced coffee and headed off with my orders and laptop. Little did they know what I was up to, or maybe they did, but I guess they will now!

Maybe it is me but even here my connection seems slow. Verizon says it could be the end of the week till whatever is fixed. They don’t tell you what the whatever is however. I see steam, or is it smoke, rising from the grate in the street and have to wonder if that is Verizon hard at work. Or maybe the city is just overheating and frying all the cables. So life goes on I suppose. It’s just a little less exciting and heated than it would have been normally.

I have to laugh thought because this is the front page headline from the Times today, 'Hooked on Gadgets and Paying a Mental Price', rather fitting I think. “We are at an inflection point,” he said. “A significant fraction of people’s experiences are now fragmented.” Whatever that means. I'll have to think about it some other time.

tuneage, Stabbing Westward - What Do I Have To Do?

(even this post was delayed because blogger was down when i originally tried to post it. all this, plus the flyers loss, makes for a pretty pissy mood. I am so cursed right now !!)

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