Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Go Flyers !!!! 6.9

And it again comes down to a must win for my Flyers. Win tonight and force a game seven Friday night. Lose and it's all over. Another loss in the finals, their sixth time since they last won the cup in 1975.

I want to help all that I can so I made a check list ....

Draw a big circle around the TV a
Put out traps for any black cats in the neighborhood a
Dig out the dried four leaf clover a
Run across the street and get that flag off the sidewalk a
Be careful not to step on any cracks in said sidewalk a
Hang horseshoe over door a
Cross my heart over and over a
Water that dyeing ivy plant a
Stick rabbit's foot in pocket, be sure rabbit doesn't mind a
Get all shoes off of tables and hats off my bed a
Turn on Discovery Channel and wish upon a shooting star a
Chant all kinds of weird mantras, that mean god knows what, in a language i don't understand a

Stop and take a deep breath ....

Open twenty packs of tarot cards and dig out the Sun cards a
Spread Suns liberally around room a
Hide all umbrellas a
Get out hockey stick and smack all four walls a
Spit on said hockey stick a
Put on grandmothers amber necklace a
Add a clove of garlic to said necklace .... you never know a
Toss any brooms out the window a
We have no crows in the Village but i refuse to count pigeons a
Ooops ! Hide the dead ladybug a
Pick up all pins a
Put Corona on ice and slice the limes a
Lay out Flyers jersey and pick out the perfect black hat a

OK I think I'm ready. Oh one last thing, the original ....

And finally a little geek chat. Depending what browser you are using you might see check marks or the letter a. Well it seems not all browsers read all fonts. Firefox doesn't read webdings which was the only way i could get the check marks (thanks for the help!) so i did this in Google Chrome. I don't pretend to understand.

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  1. Game time update, first text from my brother ....

    They've never lost a game when i've worn this jersey or been at this particular bar. I've done all i can