Thursday, June 10, 2010

Observations on The Morning After

The morning after, a dull aching pain in my head, the feeling of something lost. The Flyers lost game six last night, in overtime no less, ending a long storied run through the playoffs. Highlighted by being down three games to none against Boston and coming back to take the series. None of this was expected when the playoffs began, the orange and black just slipping into the playoffs on the final day of the season, beating the Rangers in a shootout.

After my final preparations I watched the game at a local corner bar where I watched most of the games, sometimes alone and sometimes with friends. Funny thing is I enjoyed spending time with some of these crazy people even though none were Flyers fans when I first walked in. Not that any are now either but they did cheer with me and cry a little too. And when we took out the scorned Boston Bruins there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Last night, as I left, I even got a hug from a middle aged guy in a Rangers jersey who told me it was a playoff run he would never forget. Sweet but I could have done without the pat on the ass.

As always I traded texts with ‘the kid’ as the game progressed. He filled me in on his preparations for the game “They've never lost a game when i've worn this jersey or been at this particular bar. I've done all i can.” What he felt when the game was tied “Oh thank god”, overtime “I'm dyin”, and the liberal use of alcohol as a calming agent “I've had many drinks. It doesn't help! Ha ha.” And than his final thoughts as he faded away “I was pumped we beat the devils. And got further than the pens.” Poor kid stuck in an apartment with three Penguin fans for roommates.

I’ll always remember so many things from this season. Not the least of which is a new ‘tradition” that seemed, at one point, to help bring shutout after shutout. I’ll keep that one to myself as you never know when you are going to need that one again.

So it is over. Ill have to wait another year to see the Flyers hoist Lord Stanley’s cup. But this Flyers team never gave up, never quit, and they proved anything is possible. No more hockey for this year but it seems a bright future is ahead for this young team.

I guess it always seems that way the morning after.

tuneage, Indica - In Passing


  1. My helmet is off to the Flyers! Even when they were down 2-0, this Blackhawk fan did not think it was going to be easy and I wasn't mistaken or disappointed. The Flyers were scary good, KC, but they could only pull so many miracles out of the hat. These two teams could be at it again this time next year and if so, I will need a defibrillator nearby, and really long fingernails, once my fingers grow back.

  2. oh you are a Blackhawk fan! who knew ?? yeah it was all good but i really thought it would go seven games. I think i need new nails myself, chewed them down to totally nothing. you know they have the two youngest captains in the league? could be interesting ....