Saturday, August 28, 2010

Observations from the Road 8.28

Another early morning today followed by another walk on the beach and our Long Island excursion begins to wind down. Time to hit the beach a last time and than get out of town before the hurricane Danille generated rip currents hit the shore. A week that started out with some wretched weather is ending with some of the most glorious of this summer. Ash seems pleased with all her new contacts and I got some precious beach time before the end of days so all is good.

Yesterday we ran across a sweet gallery in Bridgehampton which is owned by a woman named Amy whose last name escapes me. The gallery is in an old factory building and hung mostly with her work, to me just a stunning combination of b&w abstract paintings. Wearing a long gothy black dress i thought Amy was rather stunning herself.

Background fact. The two townships that make up ‘the Hamptons’ sport three of the top ten most expensive zip codes in the US. Bridgehampton, where Amy’s gallery is located, is the eighth most expensive. And I had a just a regular cheese burger for lunch, who knew?

You probably realize by now that I love quotes. There is a Robert Kennedy quote that is one of my favs, "I found out something I never knew. I found out that my world was not the real world." I have had that in my sl profile since almost day one because it always seemed so right. But it seemed to fit this week in the Hamptons too or rather the inverse did. There are still times I don’t feel quite at home in the Village, it’s hard to explain but I don’t think I ever will totally feel at home there. But at times out here I felt so out of place, the football loving beer drinker in the land of polo loving wine aficionados. Real polo, not Ralph Lauren Polo for Christ’s sake. Though I don't think i would mind being wealthy I think a lot of that feeling came from the money. Some of these people have money, know they have money, and like to show each other they have money. They are friendly but fairly aloof, I got the distinct impression that some thought I wasn’t quite as good as them. I never get that feeling in Stone Harbor, which is the richer part of south Jersey. Maybe it was just the PSU sweatshirts. Karma.

Still my only regret this week was the fact that I didn’t bring along any leather. The nights were just so totally perfect for it.

Arcade Fire - Ready to Start

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