Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Observations from the Window 8.31

Well hell I haven’t written in a couple days, probably one of the bigger gaps since I have started. The thing is I tend to write what’s on my mind, that being the whole idea behind the blog, but the things on my mind for the last couple days have been things of a more personal nature that I don’t want to write about. I never planned on writing about. That and I have been a little busy getting back into the swing of life after last weeks trip to the Hamptons.

Summer is winding down and the Labor Day weekend is just ahead with a road trip up to State for their first football game, a visit with the Kid, and a first look at the so called ‘tornado shelter’ he is living in during his last semester in school. So called because it is a basement apartment with only a tiny window to the outside world and he posted on his Facebook page “incase of tornado come to my place and bring beer.” That’s my brother for you, always thinking of the other guy’s safety.

I have never been a big fan of the Labor Day holiday because nothing good ever seems to happen during it and the fact that it is the unofficial end of summer is just sad. I am tired of the heat and ready for football but there was a point last week when I was watching some dolphins swim along the shore that I could have cried because the end of another summer is like the end of another chapter in the book. Sure another summer is only a year away but where will I be? It’s a feeling I get only at this time of the year. I think it is because so many of the events that are the mile markers of my life have happened in the summer.

So what all is going on. My sister just began he senior year in high school and, as good as she is, it might also be the beginning of the end of her field hockey career. She really seems to want to concentrate on her new love for photography and who am I to argue with that. As I said my brother is starting his last semester at PSU and will graduate with an Environmental Science degree with two minors. Unlike me when I was at that point of my life he is itching to get on with his life after school. It's just going to seem so weird, and more than a little sad, not having one of us at State. Than I have a good friend who, after years of work, has also come to an important point in her life. She is looking at an ending of sorts but also a new beginning and I’m so proud of her. I just want to do whatever I can to help smooth the transition but I’m not at all sure what that is.

And finally it comes back to me. I seem to have reached a crossroads of sorts myself and need to take step back and look long and hard down the road. Depending on which road i take my life could change instantly and I’m not at all good with change. I’m not good with slow change let alone the instantaneous kind so confusion reigns. So i sit and ponder on how much i would want my life to change and how much i don't.


The Rolling Stones - Blinded by Rainbows

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