Friday, August 13, 2010

Observations from the Roof 8.13

Finally a cool night in the city, yesterday’s storms and this morning’s showers finally breaking the heat that had gripped the city for days. Now the barest of sliver moons floats over the Village in a clear sky, the beer is icy cold again and not the temperature of pool water tainted with, oh you can fill in the blank yourself.

It has been so hot for so long this summer, a feeling exaggerated by my being in the city all summer, and it just reminds me how much I hate August. I was born in August yet it is second only to February on my month hating list. By the time I get to my birthday my beach trip is always long gone and I am just tired of the heat, just ready for those first cool crisp mornings in the mountains. Oh wait, I’m not there, guess I’ll be ready for those first semi-cool mornings in the city instead. I’m ready for football and the Phillies annual run into October. Hockey isn’t far off and, possibly the most important of all, I miss my leather jackets. No I don’t name them like my car but I should because I think I have one for every letter of the alphabet. So take that Kanye and your leather pants tweets. One only needs one or two pair of leather pants but one can never have enough leather jackets.

Speaking of leather jackets, a friend pointed out that there was a kewl one in the VS catalog. She was, as always, correct and I found there are two online. So any of you need a last minute birthday pres feel free to order me one or both for that matter, I’m easy.

At least I have a couple of road trips coming up to get me through the rest of the month. Sunday I’m taking Foxy up to the mountains to help my brother move into a new apartment as he begins his final semester at PSU. Sadly this might mean the end to a family tradition. Hey sis, you reading this sis? You can’t ask for more than photography, field hockey, and the mountains. Later in the month Ash and I are heading out to the Hamptons to check out some galleries and the beaches along the way. That should bring just up to the first Penn State game and than it’s back to the mountains I go.

Finally I want to announce my undying love of Judge Vaughn Walker. I think I need to travel to California and marry that man. Oh I know what you are thinking already, a gay and a lesbian it will never work, but it’s worth a try. Now that I bring it up I’m not even sure it is legal yet. Have to put that one on the agenda next cause I want to hear the wingnuts arguments against gayzbo weddings. It would probably be totally hilarious!

But now I have to go as Ash just went totally baby and tossed another bottle top over the edge because she knows it drives me insane and I’m not paying attention her latest Lady Gaga rant.

So happy Friday the 13th my peeps. Life goes on.

Katy Perry - California Gurls

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