Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Observations from the Library 8.10

I was working on my comp last night partly listening to Rachel Maddow. I am taking a deep breath here because I’m trying a new kinder gentler version of KCT so I’m not going to fume or vent here. I’m just going to pass along some of what I heard at the end of the show. Actually I just watched the video again myself because I just didn’t believe it, but no I heard it right the first time.

So what I am sharing here is a perfectly logical reason why some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed. I do want to add a disclaimer. I am not, nor have I ever, advocated forced sterilization, that is until now.

And I wonder why I drink.

From the transcript (edited for space)

MADDOW: And finally, there‘s Republican Minnesota state representative and gubernatorial candidate, Tom Emmer, the presumptive nominee on the Republican side, a man so polarizing that there is a nationwide boycott currently against retail giants, Target and Best Buy, for donating to a business PAC that is supporting Mr. Emmer.

Back in 2008, Mr. Emmer‘s campaign donated money to the You Can Run But You Cannot Hide Ministry, which was founded by this handsome fellow.

MADDOW: Turns out that‘s the real tape. We didn‘t mess that up. This really is the ministry‘s official band. It‘s called Junkyard Prophets. And according to the band‘s Web site, they were voted second best unsigned band in America. By whom?
The founder and the magnificent drummer in the ankle socks there is Bradlee Dean. That‘s Bradlee with two E‘s for those of you Googling at home. Mr. Dean doesn‘t only use the skins for his evangelical message. He uses his radio show as well.

Muslims are calling for the execution of homosexuals in America. They themselves are upholding the laws that are even in the Bible of the Judeo-Christian God but they seem to be more moral than even the American Christians do, because these people are livid about enforcing their laws. They know homosexuality‘s an abomination. If America won‘t enforce the laws, God will raise up a foreign enemy to do just that. That‘s what you‘re seeing today in America.

MADDOW: Mr. Bradlee, with two E‘s, later clarified that he didn‘t really mean to sanction murder of gay people. He said quote, “We have never and will never call for the - we have never and will never call for the execution of homosexuals” which is nice.
But of course, he does still consider the gay to be an abomination and he has some other stuff that he said about the homosexuals which maybe is a little problematic given that he has been given money by a candidate for Republican governor.

BRADLEE: Here‘s the bottom line. They play the victim when in fact they‘re the predator. On average, they molest 117 people. On average, they molest 117 people before they‘re found out. How many kids have been destroyed? How many adults today have been destroyed because of crimes against nature? How many people have been violated because of that?

MADDOW: 117 precisely. He counted. Now, it‘s no surprise that a conservative anti-gay candidate for office in a conservative anti-gay ministry have ties. Conservative anti-gay politics are nothing new. What‘s new, however, is that the politicians are giving money to the bands, homophobic bands, but bands nonetheless.
So why would a candidate for office, any office, make such a donation? Isn‘t it meant to be the other way around? Don‘t bands raise money for candidates not vice versa? Mr. Emmer‘s explanation is quote, “These are nice people.”
Good night.

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