Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Observations from the Library 9.15

Just going to do a little tune review for you because basically I want to do it all. I want this to be your one stop dark lesbian, artsie, geek, sports blog with liberal political undertones. Seriously yesterday Linkin Park’s new CD “A Thousand Suns” was released and I think it is so totally awesome I have to tell you about if. Now I always have been a fan of LP but more of their earlier releases which is something this reminds of.

I downloaded it this morning and have had it playing since. Everything I read about it calls it a departure from previous LP sets and that they expect legions of fans to leave because of it. I don’t see why because to me the undertone of it is more like “Hybrid Theory” than anything that has come since. It is more a synthetic album than anything they have done and I think this is where the bad reviews are coming from so maybe I’m just getting my impressions from the lyrics.

Taken as a whole the CD seems almost to be a vision of the apocalypse as Linkin Park sees it, maybe this is why i like it so much. The songs run through a cycle of pride, destruction, and regret and finish in two awesome tunes from opposite ends of the musical spectrum. ‘The Catalyst’ is classic LP lyrically but has the sound of a futuristic rave. It is a song about government of the poor and needy of the world. It is followed by the hauntingly beautiful ‘The Messenger’, a story of hope. I’ll pass along the lyrics and a vid that I got from the Linkin Park website ….

“When you feel you're alone, cut off from this cruel world
Your instincts telling you to run,
Listen to your heart, Those angel voices
They'll sing to you, they'll be your guide back home.
When life leaves us blind, Love keeps us kind, it keeps us kind,
When you've suffered enough, and your spirit is breaking
You're growing desperate from the fight,
Remember you're loved and you always will be
This melody will bring you right back home …. ‘

The Messenger
(The video is a remix but is the only thing i could find)

I suppose I should have added the words obsessive and addictive to yesterday's list.

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