Friday, October 22, 2010

Observasions from the Window 10.22, Randomness

I have a excruciatingly painful craving for a candy apple or maybe its cotton candy, maybe its just sugar I need. So do peeps trick or treat in the Village? They should because some of them are practicing every day of their life. I think Mitch left a little gift in my window. Chloe!! Damn little rat, literally, Mitch is a little rat. Some days I could just sit here in the window and think all day. Other days I do my best thinking in bed.

I like to type with my right hand while I use my left hand for other things. Contessa Brewer is hot, Condoleezza Rice not so much. And the quote of the day from Henry Miller, “Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation, the other eight are unimportant.” Lindsay Lohan is due in court today and she looks like hell, just sayin.

The number of tards in politics grows as the amount of cash increases and the number of good people decreases exponentially (big word of the day). Campaign finance reform is the biggest farce ever foisted upon the public by the haves to show the have nots they care.

I used to love politics, and still care about the issues, but I am so sick of some of these self-righteous, ignorant, assholes I could just scream. Prime target of the moment being Sharon Angle, but wait, Newt Gingrich just came on. Speaking of politics, DAMN but the junior Senator from New York looks good in the newest issue of Vogue. I guess I do still like politics.

It's full moon Friday but still life goes on.

Hoobastank - The Reason (random iTunes shuffle)

oh yeah and GO PHILLIES !!!!

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