Sunday, October 24, 2010

Observations from the Bar 10.22, Phillies

This should be interesting because, with the help of my new handy, sexy, and red HP netbook, I am going to attempt to write this directly from the bar as the Phillies game is played. Not like a streaming post, I’m not that ignorant, but I’ll write it and hopefully post it later tonight.

I had what I take to be a good omen earlier in the day. I was reading tweets when I saw one from a girl in San Francisco who said she was heading out to watch the Giants at a bar. Now this was at 2 in the afternoon and I was thinking here is a girl that can drink like me. But than I saw a later tweet of hers and she didn't realize that because the (whispers) hated Yankees had lost last night the Phillies Giants game had been pushed back till 8 tonight, or 5 her time. Poor girl is probably too drunk to watch now.

Every mention of the Texas Rangers, indeed every sight of them, is soundly booed. It so makes me feel right at home.

Just after the start of the game I received another good omen. James Whitaker, a poet on Twitter, finished a poem for me. He had asked for a word, the first he received he would write a short around. I sent him 'Phillies' and in the end he did all six words he received, mine was the last he did and he said the hardest. I think it's awesome so be sure to check it out. JTW, twitter shorts II

Phillies take a first inning lead! Third inning Giants score one but in a collision at home plate the runner is out at home, 2-1 Phillies. Shit now make that 2-2 before I can even finish typing that. Drink chips are piling up in front of me and I may need them tonight. I bought a round for anybody sitting at the bar at game time, pay back is as always a bitch. OMG benches clear as a Flyers game breaks out at the Phillies game. I never heard this bar so loud!

It's still 2-2 going into the fifth and I start to get the feeling it's going to be one of those games. Than the Giants get runners to first and second with nobody out and I start to get a bad feeling. More beer please. Oswalt pitches out of the inning and the score remains the same.

Than I saw her standing at the other end of the bar. Medium height, thin, long straight dark hair, Latin looks, wearing tight jeans and an Alex Rodriguez jersey. Well nobody is perfect. But than I see him with his arm around her and wonder why did I not see that before? Back to the game.

The game goes to the bottom of the sixth with the score still tied and I begin to wonder how many beers I can drink and still type. It also dawns on me that this could be my longest post so far and it's about a baseball game. Seriously baseball. Maybe this netbook was a bad idea afterall. Slowly closing in on three hours now still tied going into the eighth, even in this Yankee bar it's strangely quiet as everybody concentrates on the game. Fuck! Giants take the lead on a home run by Juan Uribe. This not good, not good at all. Giants bring in their best starting pitcher in relief as both teams closers warm up.

Into the ninth, over three hours now, Phillies down a run and the season on the brink of ending. I'm not sure if the score or the fact that I am being hugged by Yankee fans scares me more. Brad Lidge in for the Phillies so it's all or nothing now. Phillies had those two quick runs in the first inning and nothing since. And so here we go, Giants leave the bases loaded in the ninth and the Phillies have three outs left. One out. Rollins walks. Two outs. Utley walks and Ryan Howard is up with two on and two out. Jesus. Full count. Fuck. Howard strikes out looking.

Game, series, season over .....

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