Friday, October 8, 2010

Observations from the Bar 10.8, the Phillies

An early Friday evening finds me wearing my Phillies jersey in a local Village bar surrounded by melancholy Mets fans and Yankees fans suffering from the usual superiority complex. This later group just seems to be begging for a dose of my Philly charm. I mean seriously, their team won one game and they think they already won the series. Excuse me! Whose team had the no hitter in game 1? Than they tell you how many World Series the Yankees have won over the years. Really guys I only care about last years and I want revenge for that so bad I can taste it.

Brian Anderson and Joe Simpson are announcing the Phils game. Who the hell are they and how did they get the job is all I want to know. I sense a payoff has taken place somewhere. It’s bad enough TBS gets all the games in this round but than to have poser announcers is just offensive. One early line tempts me to ask the bartender to turn off the sound. “The Reds are going to have to score runs to win.” No shit Einstein!

This bar has become my fav place to watch my sports when I can’t watch at home. Plenty of TVs and Corona on tap, what more could a sports loving girl ask for? I have worn my Flyers jersey, my PSU jersey, and my Phillies jersey here and never get anymore smack talk than I am willing to dish back. I can yell as much as I want and curse just as much and nobody gives me a second look. Not that I curse much, I am after all a polite girl.

Two innings, two errors, a wild pitch, and down 4-0. Not at all how I thought the Phils would start the game. We just totally suck tonight.

I don’t know why I feel so comfortable in this bar. It’s just inside the Village but really as close to blue collar type of place as you are going to get in this part of the city. Mostly filled with middle aged and older people but damnit it has the TVs. I remember the first time I walked in. I was looking for one game or another, couldn’t find it on any of the usual spots because the Lady Gaga vids are playing. I saw it through the front window as I walked by and almost screamed. I just walked in and sat down, ordered a beer, and proceeded to yell at the TV. Hey black clad lesbian sports fan walks in and starts yelling what’s not to like? But I have never heard a bad comment, any tasteless jokes, really nothing to make me feel the slightest bit out of place. So maybe the answer isn’t that hard after all. With beer, peanuts, and sports anything is possible. We can all get along.

You would think after the last four years I would have learned never to give up. It’s never too late for this team. Yet tonight I did begin to lose faith, it just didn’t seem possible the game was going. But they make me pay every time I waver and did it again tonight by winning 7-4.

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