Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Observations from the Window 10.19

And so now one of those head spinning days comes to a close. One of those days when it seems like your mind is spinning out of control like a top spinning off the table. It wasn’t a bad day in any way but there was just so much going on.

To start it is, was, my parents anniversary. I called my dad first thing and we talked for awhile. I know days like this are always hard on him and i never know what to say so i just say hi. Sometimes that seems to be enough.

The only bad news of the day was that my Phillies lost game 3 of the NLCS to San Fran by a score of 3-0. They wasted a gem of a pitching performance by Cole Hamels in the process. I’m starting to get a bad feeling in my gut about this series.

I finally bought myself a netbook. I have wanted one for awhile, something that can do more than my Droid but yet isn’t as cumbersome as a laptop. But now I find myself watching AC with both my lap and the netbook in front of me. Almost like my own little version of Mission Control in the Village. I'm so damn ooc sometimes, i mean seriously I'm logged into twitter three diff ways!

Than a federal judge refused today to suspend her ruling that barred the implementation of the DADT policy, which forbids openly gay troops from serving in the military. I was intrigued as Lt. Dan Choi tweeted that he was going to the Times Square recruiting station to reenlist. Choi, who is a West Point graduate, had been expelled from the army after coming out on ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ in March of 2009. He was going to enlist in the Marines but it seems he is too old so he reenlisted in the Army. Funny how they might need Arab linguists, who knew?

I also got a hockey update from my sis. They lost in the county playoffs but still made Districts so her field hockey career lives on. I talked to her on the phone after their loss last night and felt so bad. As I told her it was one of those moments only a high school senior has. You want it over, you want to move on, and than suddenly you realize that it is almost over and that feeling just sucks.

And finally my thoughts are with a good friend. As always I'll respect her privacy but just say she has a very big day coming up soon. I’m so proud of that gurl and wish her all the luck in the world. I’ll be thinking about her. I know in my heart she will do well because she is just one of those special people, even if she doesn't realize it. Sometimes just the thought of her brings a smile to my face. I expect big things of that bitch ;)

The journey continues

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