Monday, October 18, 2010

Observations from the Window 10.18

I had a thought to write myself out of the beginnings of an emo mood but a big Phillies win last night, a fun morning today, and a day off have done wonders for my mind. The artsie part is buzzing and just looking for something to do, either that or I have left a toy running somewhere. I’m suddenly not as tired as I have been and think I’m going to head out for some photo taking and some shopping but first some odds and ends that are on my mind.

I was watching MSNBC while I ate lunch today and the talk was about teen bullying and suicides. Philadelphia radio personality Michael Smerconish commented that he doesn’t think bullying today is any worse than it ever was but that what we have is heightened media attention causing a "shark attack syndrome." He also commented that there was bullying when he was in school too. I’m sure there was bullying than but there is one big difference today I can see and I was tempted to send off an email. By his look I would say all the bullying in his day was by word of mouth or hand written. Over the weekend I saw the totally awesome movie ‘The Social Network’ and in the movie is a line that stuck in my head and seems to fit here. “The internet's not written in pencil, Mark. It's written in ink." When somebody bullies on Facebook or in blogs or anyplace on the web it is there forever, just a Google search away. It is a little harder to get past something when anybody can see it anytime they want.

In the sports world my Phillies gave me one hell of a scare when they lost game of one the NLCS to San Francisco. I sat watching in the bar with a room full of victorious Yankees fans and didn’t enjoy that too much at all. Than last night I got to return the favor as the Phillies won game two in a rather convincing fashion and the Yankees had lost their game 2 on Saturday. Now I have to talk to Ash, I mean the boss, to get myself out of work tomorrow because FOX moved the game time up to 1 PM Pacific. Rumor has it the move was made so they didn’t have to preempt their show ‘Glee’. I never saw it, have no desire to see, and wonder why the fuck it is so important.

Finally the wind down of my sis’ high school field hockey career continues tonight as they play in Round 2 of the county championships. Already having beaten a perennial power, which had knocked my sis out of the playoffs two years in a row, they take on probably our high school’s most hated rival. I wish I could get down to see her play again but I haven’t been able to and I feel bad about that. Good luck sis!! Keep winning and maybe I’ll still get another chance. I’ll have to update later on the game.

flickr (check), flickr (check), blog (check). Time to shop ….

VersaEmerge - Past Praying For

(awesome vid!)

[hockey update - after taking a 1-0 lead my sis' team lost 2-1, all the scoring taking place in the first half. they did however make the district playoffs so her career lives on for now]

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