Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Observations frim the Library 11.10, Randomness

A quick 'way to fucking go' to my mini-me, oops, I mean my sister whose field hockey team continued its amazing run with a first round state playoff win yesterday. This time they managed to not give my dad fits and won in regulation. Now they await word on when and where they will play on Saturday so I better warm up MapQuest while I wait to hear.

I'm writing this at the library and for some odd reason I find the library sexy. Not the librarian but the library itself. Maybe it's because I find intelligence sexy or maybe it's wondering what goes on in those private reading rooms. Or maybe I'm just crazy and find odd places sexy. Maybe I should just shut up before I say too damn much.

Recently I was asked how I can walk New York sidewalks and text at the same time. This had me a little bit paranoid as I never thought it was anything special. I mean I never walk into anybody or anything rude like that. But now I think I know what might be going on. Let me remind you that I might be above average in height for a girl. No let me rephrase that, in any kind of heel at all I'm frickin tall, pushing six feet and over. So it seems that if you have a tall dark moody lesbian walking down the sidewalk texting and not watching where she is going, well, you get the hell out of the way. Works for me.

Politically something has been bugging me for awhile now. They tell you Sarah Palin is as qualified as Barrack Obama to be President of the United States, than they tell you Barrack Obama isn’t qualified to be President, ipso facto. I think you can take it from there. Twitter, in its infinite wisdom, told me I should follow Sarah Palin USA. Either Twitter's models aren't working too well or Twitter has a sense of humor. Knowing the interwebs I'll go with the first choice.

And finally a little bit of a rant here. I smoke, I have smoked off and on since I was in high school, and I know I shouldn’t smoke but I do anyway. I try not to smoke inside even when I can because I really can't stand second hand smoke, it gives me a headache. I know that smoking is more likely to kill me than any other drug I have done in my life. But I saw today that the all powerful government is going require graphic warnings on cigarette packs now. The warnings will have to cover half the pack and will include pictures of dead bodies, cancerous lungs, and other suitably gruesome things. And they think this will make me quit smoking if I don’t want to? It didn’t work for my mom and it isn’t going to work for them because you can't scare a true addict out of their addiction.

How about you just buy me some gum instead?

Natasha Bedingfield - Strip Me

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