Thursday, November 11, 2010

Observations from the Window 11.11, Politics

Something rare and totally different happened over lunch today. The gallery conversation turned to politics. Not bands, not fashion, not theatre or movies, not even the newest conquests of the gallery elite. I have no idea what got into the girls today but politics it was. Mostly about a nagging feeling we all seem to have that the country is going down hill fast and all either party cares about is screwing the other party. I use the words party and screwing in a very banal way here.

Nothing very exciting came of the conversation other than the theory that the country needs a third political party. Not a party like the one that seems to spring up every four years but a true third party with a national organization and agenda. A party that is truly for the people and not just paying lip service as it goes about its own greedy business. A party right of center financially and far left of center socially, as far left as it can go. Granted it's not exactly what I would have in mind but this is all just hypothetical anyway. A party that wouldn't except donations from pacs or lobbyists but get all it’s funding from personal donations. You might laugh at that but just think of the hundreds of millions of dollars President Obama raised on the internet. He proved that it can be done but failed miserably is sustaining it once he was elected.

A party that wouldn't be afraid to call itself liberal and socialist. A party that wanted to take care of the people of this nation and not just the banks, brokerage houses, and other big monied interests. A party that cared about the environment and wanted to leave it better than it was when it took power. That would be willing to cut perverted defense spending and not cut education, science, and social security. A party that would be willing to try and do better than 'the best we can do' in every situation. A party that truly deeply cared about the people, all the people.

At this point maybe it's just an impossible dream but I think it's a dream worth having.

A little over an hour from now Jon Stewart will be the guest on 'The Rachel Maddow Show' and I can't wait. I have sent all my reminder emails and now it's time to get some coffee and veg on the couch until nine, just thought I would share this video. Too funny.

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