Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Observations from the Library 11.2

Today I voted for the first time as a resident of New York. The polling place was only a couple blocks away and just before lunch the line wasn't too long. It was so funny though because here I am standing in line to vote in the heart of the Village, not far from NYU and WSP. You just have to try and imagine the variety of people in this line. Too funny, it's probably the only day of the year some of them see the sun.

I found one sweet thing about Election Day. I can sit in one of the reading rooms at the library and watch MSNBC. It seems Rachel Maddow is going to be the air quite often today. That’s not a bad thing at all. Also I can keep up with things via twitter, below are some of my fav tweets so far ....

@RachelPoPachel: If you haven't early voted & are not voting tomorrow (and capable to) just unfollow me now. #EveryVoteCounts #GetOffYourAss&Vote
@DavidCornDC: I'm gonna go with #fortheloveofgodenoughalready2010
@KeithOlbermann: Just a reminder: if you vote GOP today or sit it out, you are voting for a tax cut FOR ME and none FOR YOU
@L8enough: Please vote. Even you wacky Republicans. But maybe y'all should wait until the lines are shorter. I'm thinking tomorrow.

I am sure I'll have something to say later but I think that is all the politics for now. It's not the end of the world people.

I do want to wish my sis good luck in her big game later today. A win and they play for the district championship on Saturday. I'll be there tonight via text, glued to my Droid, hoping my dad doesn't forget me.

update - As much as it turns my stomach to say it I think I have to become a big Sarah Palin fan. One thing everybody, Republican leaders included, seems to agree on is that if the Repubes nominate her in two years Obama will kick her sweet ass. Not that I think she has a sweet ass nor have I ever seen it.

update 2 - My sister's team won their playoff game by a score of 2-1 with less than a minute left in overtime and so play for the district championship Saturday at noon. Just awesome, the tenth seed playing for the championship, they just never gave up. I'm so fucking proud I could cry.

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