Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Observations from my Bed 11.3

And so it's after two in the morning and I can't turn off the TV, still glued to MSNBC. It must be Rachel in that grey blazer because it cant be Matthews, sometimes the man just doesn’t know when to shut it. Election night comes to an end and I have no idea what it means but I do know one thing. Sharron Angle hopefully enjoyed her fifteen minutes of fame and now can take her bigoted ass back into whatever desert hole she crawled out of.

Some random thoughts from a night of election watching. Andrew Coumo crushed Carl Paladino like a bug on the windshield and I would be only to happy to be the one turning on the wipers. Outgoing Governor Ed of Pennsylvania called democrats wussies. As much as I hate to admit it he spoke the truth. God dems open your mouths and kick some ass! We are right and they are wrong. Don't try and be so damn civil and just say it. Say it! Governor elect of California Jerry Brown might not be the youngest guy but he rocks.

Watched John Boehner give a little 'we won' speech. Dude had tears in his eyes, choked up, must have been because his new tanning bed had just arrived. Keith Olbermann had the best line here when he said he said he thought the Democrats should be the ones crying tonight.

Headline of the night ....
" BREAKING: Openly gay Providence mayor elected to Congress."

My favorite tweets ....
@billmaher: Its Election Day! Unless ur a billionaire, vote for the party that gave u healthcare, stopped a Depression and got out of Iraq
@erockett89: Rachels like Chris stfu and dont talk over me before I bitch slap you. bitch.
@BrianLynch: Meg Whitman discovered the position of governer does not have a "Buy it Now" option.

And a final thought. How in the name of any god could Rand Paul be elected to the United States Senate? Bigot, bully, thug. He will be heard, he will be seen, but in the end he will amount to nothing. But still he was elected and it boggles my mind. Think about that over your morning coffee.

Life goes on

update - Two morning observations. I don't think Lawrence O'Donnell sleeps, at all. Seriously the man was on until 1AM and there he is again. And Mika Brzezinski in a black turtleneck and slacks, enough said.

update 2 - One final tweet than I get on with my life ....
@tbogg: 7 in 10 seniors say no to Prop19. Let's take away their medical marijuana cards.Arthritis pain? Man up, grandma

Pink - Raise Your Glass

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