Friday, November 5, 2010

Observations from the Bar 11.4, A Special Comment

So I am sitting at the bar with some friends in the back corner table that I have adopted. It reminds me of the back corner table at the bar at Penn State that I adopted. The back corner table is next to the back corner TV and I have my hands on the remote that works the back corner TV. At 8 and I turn on MSNBC to watch Keith Olbermann but I find somebody else is sitting in his chair. I just figured he took the night off to recover from the election and the end of baseball season.

But no I soon discover MSNBC suspended him because he donated an astronomical combined $7500 to three election campaigns. What pathetic bullshit is this? Did he go on the air and say I donated and so should you? I don’t think so. Did he tell his viewers who to vote for? I don’t think so. I was ready to go on a tirade here about every citizen's right to donate to whom ever they want. Than, while checking it out, I came upon these words ....

"NBC has a rule against employees contributing to political campaigns."

As much as I hate to say it you were wrong, you broke the rule. Now I of all people understand the breaking of rules, it's what I do. But nobody will care when I crash and burn because of that. On the other hand you have millions of viewers who hang on every word of your special comments as if they were gospel and watch you every night. You aren’t Sean Hannity, you don't work at Fox *News*, and right or not your viewers hold you to a higher standard.

As for NBC, one night would have been more than enough to make your point. Suspended indefinitely? One has to wonder how many of you up in the tower have donated to one campaign or another too. And what about Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough who also contributed?

In the end, MSNBC you just suck.

morning update - As always Rachel says it best. the Maddow Blog

11/8/10 update - Olbermann returns to the air tomorrow, Tuesday, night. The link includes his full statement in which he thanks viewers and blasts NBC. Daily Kos

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