Sunday, November 7, 2010

Observations from the Window 11.7, the Sis

I made a run down to my dad's yesterday to see my sister's big field hockey game. I never got to play in a district championship game myself but I can easily imagine how nervous she was. I should say if my dad and I were any indication I could imagine it. I was so nervous I left my camera in my apartment and had to make due with an old one I keep in Foxy.

They played the defending district and state champions to a regulation time draw at a score of 2-2. Than once again they won the game with just minutes left in the OT period. After the game we followed the team bus back to school in a caravan, horns honking all the way, the last five miles with a siren blaring fire engine and police escort.

Later we celebrated by watching as Joe Paterno got his 400th win as head coach as Penn State defeated Northwestern in the biggest come from behind win in Penn State history. At the risk of annoying my sister I just had to mention Joe Paterno here. One man, one school, and 400 wins, it's just something that will never happen again. But earlier today I got a text from my her and she was a little annoyed that JoePa's achievement had knocked her big win off the front of the local sports page.

I have said before how much I enjoyed playing field hockey and how much I admire my sister but I am going to mention it again. The girl is so much better than I ever was, and I like to think I was pretty damn good. She doesn't have my height or reach, she isn't a big goal scorer either, but she plays with a never ending tenacity that just seems to wear opposing players down. Now my mini-me is just four wins away from a state championship and I couldn't be any prouder of her. I guess it is time I stop calling her my mini-me.

My dad told me that in a last minute morning decision she opted to wear a single pearl on a gold chain instead of her usual peace sign necklace. The pearl was our mom's and our grandmother's before that. Now I'm not sure which will be around her the longest, the pearl or the gold medal.

My sister the champion, I like the sound of that.

Green Day - We Are The Champions

11/9/2010 update - My sister's team won their first state playoff game by a 2-1 score.

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