Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thirty Days of Truths, Day 14

A hero that has let you down ....

I don't know that I ever had any heroes per se, I'm not sure my personality allows it. There are painters and writers whose work I love but most of them are long gone. There are photographers whose work I adore but I wouldn't call them heroes. Besides it seems that with any artist a let down is called for, it's just how we are.

I do have answer though and sadly it was much too easy to come up with. During the 2008 presidential election campaign of Barrack Obama so much was said about real change and hope for the future that you couldn't help but believe. But it didn't take long for the euphoria to wear off and the political realities to set in.

President Obama has accomplished much more than he gets credit for but so much more could have been done. Instead too much of his time and energy was wasted trying to be the great compromiser. It doesn’t quite sink into him that those who elected him didn't do so to compromise anything but to bring real change. Instead where are we now? We find compromise defined as do it my way or don’t do anything at all. It doesn’t matter what a majority of the people want or care about it only matters who wins the next election. And than the cycle will repeat itself ad infinitum until the only change comes through complete collapse of the system.

My brother had loaned me his copy of Richard Wolffe's "Renegade" which is about Obama's election campaign of 2008. It's totally a good read but I got part way through it and had to stop. The memory of the campaign compared to the reality of now was just to agonizing to deal with.

And now there is the thought of a President Palin to deal with.

Reality sucks.


  1. Much as I love President Obama, I was greatly disappointed after he promised not to allow pork barrel riders on budgets, he allowed thousands of them to pass in his very first budget year. I am hopeful however, that given enough rope, Sarah Palin will hang herself before we face something truly disastrous.

  2. I think he is too worried about being even handed and a 'president for everybody' but has to remember it wasn't everybody who elected him. and it won't be everybody who re-elects him.

    as for Palin, I only hope you are right ....