Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thirty Days of Truths, Day 15

Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it ....

Coffin nails, cancer sticks, smokes, ciggies, butts, take your pick because they all mean the same thing no matter how you say it. Cigarettes. I started smoking cigarettes in high school and have been smoking them off and on ever since. I've tried to stop more than once but with no real success because I think my addictive personality needs something and it has tried much worse. Worse for me over the short term anyway. I know what smoking does to me or is doing to me but I just can't stop for any length of time.

The funny thing about my smoking is I can't stand second hand smoke myself and I wouldn't smoke inside if I could. It makes my eyes water and gives me a headache. No matter what the weather I won't smoke in my 'Foxy' with the windows up because I don't want to ruin the leather but have no qualms about ruining my lungs. In high school I smoked even though I was constantly working out because of field hockey.

I know it is a crutch and I make no excuses for it. I totally understand people who can't stand smoking but I hate when smokers are blamed for all that is wrong with the health care system, poor air quality, and life in general. The recent FDA ruling on cigarette packs seems pathetic to me because I don't think you can scare smokers with graphic photos, I think anybody that smokes knows it's not healthy.

I think it's far from cool to smoke but given the right situation it looks cool in a photo. As long as I'm in the Village I doubt I'll ever quit because it's just what we do. It's just so damn cool.

Another enigma.


  1. Re: graphic images on cigarette packets

    What's the first thing a smoker does when freaked out by something? Reach for the smokes.

    It's a forced feedback system. Sticking photo of diseased lungs on boxes is not going to discourage smokers - It might stop the *ONE* person in this world who thinks they're healthy from *starting*, but it'll do nothing for anyone else... although colored ink manufacturers may make a few more sales...

  2. Oh do I feel your pain.

    I quit for 6 months once and that was my longest stint (chantix).

    But... I'm back at it again.

    Le sigh.

    And I agree about the graphic labels. Next thing you know they'll have aborted fetuses on condom boxes.


  3. i don't get the whole photo thing. i mean seriously it's an addiction and you aren't going to scare anybody out of it. imagine what you could put on whiskey bottles.

    god 6 months is pretty damn good. i don't know if i have ever made it 6 weeks.

    actually i don't know why i went with smoking on this in the first place. must have been in a mood. i guess caffeine wouldn't have worked because i never tried to go without it !