Thursday, December 23, 2010

Observations from the Coffee Shop 12.23

Not long ago I wrote a post for truth number 14 in which I said President Obama was someone who let me down. With but one more truth to write I want to take a moment and take that one back. With all the excitement of the last couple days I realized it has been an amazing two years. Maybe not everything I had hoped for but than reality rarely lives up to the dream that created it.

The list is now a long one. The START treaty, 9-11 first responders bill, health care reform, Wall Street reform, hate crimes bill, recovery act, food safety legislation, clean energy legislation, and student loan reform. Plus he appointed two female Supreme Court justices including the first ever Latina one. And far far from least is the repeal of the military's DADT policy.

Yes there is much left to do, still ....

Merry Christmas Mr. President, enjoy Hawaii.

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