Monday, December 6, 2010

Observations from the Window 12.6

I seem to have a new addiction. Writing ....

I have the day off so I spent the whole morning in bed cuddling my blankets and drinking coffee. I mean seriously it's cold outside. I finally managed to pull on big baggy sweater and drag myself to the window only to find, well, it looks cold outside. I haven't mentioned my vendor in sometime but I am looking down now and dude has snow shovels. I didn't need to see that.

So why did I say I'm addicted to writing? Because I should be food shopping or Christmas shopping but I'm sitting in the window writing instead. Christmas shopping I can do without because Christmas is a downer for me anyway but I need food. Right now the entire contents of our fridge consists a twelve pack of Corona, assorted cheeses, milk, eggs, hummus, and a few bottles of wine. Might be some butter in there too but I'm not quite sure. I don't see Whole Foods coming to me so I'm going to have to go to it but it's cold outside and now there are snow flurries to go with it.

I'm drinking like my sixth cup of coffee, watching the Prop 8 hearings, and writing. Writing this and that damn drugs and alcohol post that is next. The Prop 8 hearings make no sense to me at all. I think it's all finally beyond my limited ability to understand the law. But omg this lawyer arguing the pro Prop 8 case actually just said this. The current definition of marriage is same as it has been since beginning of time, around the world, to make babies. He said that same sex couples cannot procreate without a third party and that’s the rational basis for denying them the right to marry. Otherwise we are left with marriage as just an empty word meaning nothing. God what a fucking idiot. I have to turn it off before I totally lose it and smash my TV.

The whole point I was going to get at was that not only do I like writing but suddenly I felt the need to write. I suppose it's better than needing a cigarette. Besides it's too cold to smoke outside.

No vid but to get the full effect hum Dean Martin's "Baby It's Cold Outside" to yourself.

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