Monday, December 6, 2010

Thirty Days of Truths, The Pause

Why the pause? Well I could go with my brain is tired but that isn't really the case. I looked to see what was next and found I had finally run into the wall I had been dreading. The next 'truth' is my thoughts on drugs and alcohol and honestly it doesn't look like it gets any easier after that.

I was thinking about the whole thing yesterday and realized something. The more 'truths' I go through the more they seem to weave together in my head. Maybe it's just me or maybe that is how it's supposed to be, either way it's kind of intriguing to me. One day leads into another and I find myself thinking about a question with everything that came before still in my head. It's just different than how I normally write or think. Usually I concentrate my few living brain cells on one subject than write or rant and move on to the next thing. But these questions all seem to linger in my head.

I only started this because it looked like a fun idea and I didn't plan on getting as into it as I have. But all in all it has been fun so far. I have thought about a few things I never normally would have thought about. The fatalist thing is really something I have never put into words before, it's not something I ever felt the need to talk about. Than that wound right into another subject I shy away from, religion.

So I started out taking a break but instead I'm rambling here. Now that is totally how I usually think and write.

Bad Religion - American Jesus

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