Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Observations from the Window 1.4

Now that the truths and holidays are gone I don’t know what to write so I think it is time to get back to writing whatever seems to be on mind. Off the top of my head is the fact that I look out the window the Village is just an ugly grey. This time of year the sun seems to take forever to reach into the canyons so the lighting is just a dull grey that matches the color of the snow now. It doesn’t make me want to jump out the door with a big smile on my face but a third cup of coffee might help with that. Well it can’t hurt.

Sometimes it’s amazing how you can find a lost love in a totally unexpected place. I have said before how much I love to read, how I used to devour books. I got away from that over the years not so much because I didn’t want to read but because I have my fingers in so many things I just didn’t have the time. Over Christmas I watched the movie “Angels and Demons” with my brother. Not a bad movie at all but not anywhere near as good as “The Da Vinci Code” however that doesn’t matter here. This past weekend I was home again and my dad had a copy of Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol” sitting on a table. I picked it up just to occupy my mind and ended up reading all 700 pages in just a few days. I never would have looked at the book on Amazon or in a bookstore but I loved it, devoured it. Now I have no clue what to read but I really don’t want to let that feeling get away. I also have to figure out how I’m going to get this book back to my dad before he realizes it’s missing.

In a totally related matter Snooki’s book is being released today but “A Shore Thing” is one book I know I won’t be reading. Not even if somebody ties my down with my feet over a fire. If this isn’t a sign that the end of the world is upon us I have no idea what is. My New Years wish was for that the faux crystal ball holding her in Sea Side Heights to fall crashing to the beach. Not that I wanted to see her hurt but it would have been totally cool to see that ball rolling down the beach with her in it. From what I know about the Jersey shore I think I’m safe in saying the residents of SSH would have enjoyed it just as much as I would have.

Than there is Lady Gaga who tweeted a photo of her ass to accompany the announcement of the release date of her new album and I totally missed it. I even saw the tweet originally but didn’t look until I was asked about it by a friend. All I can say is if the album is anywhere near as sweet as her ass she has another hit. I can’t believe I just wrote that!

And so blog year two begins with a bundle of randomness that I doubt anybody wants to read but I have to start somewhere and I'm still trying to purge the truths from my brain. That and ESPN has yet to call so now I'm shooting for Michael Musto’s job at the Village Voice.

Life goes on ....

My Chemical Romance - Na Na Na

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