Sunday, February 13, 2011

Observations from the Window 2.13

We in the Village are mired in the middle of the fall collection edition of New York Fashion Week and I for one am a bit tired of it. I'm not the biggest fan of Fashion Week to start with but today I went ice skating and there was a woman skating in a jacket so bizzare I just had to ask. In my most polite tone of voice I asked her what the hell she was wearing and was told faux monkey fur, I do not lie. OK I know the stuff is hot in the fashion world but this woman looked like she was wearing the whole faux monkey.

The problem with Fashion Week is there are too many people walking around who think they are stylish, want you to think they are stylish, and totally look like hell. Supposedly the New York Fashion Week is all about cool where Paris is about elegance. I myself dont see it, there isnt nearly enough black or leather and there are way too many mohawks for my taste. Call me an old fashioned dyke but i like that long silky hair I can wrap my fingers in when it is called for, but i digress.

Just to prove the whole fashion week thing is out of control I'll tell you about a notice we got at the gallery. We get all kinds of things about openings, parties, shows, and the like; some aren't exactly within walking distance but this was new. We received an invitation to the first ever Muscat Fashion Week in Oman which takes place from February 22nd through the 24th. There are now at least 18 fashion weeks that I know of and I'm probably missing some so please no more, I beg you.

I read a review of the Alexanedr Wang show hoping for anything positive and what I found made me cry myself to sleep (l). "There was a pretty balance between hard and soft in the textures and shapes used in the collection – we especially loved his buttery, black biker-girl jacket with a huge fur collar teamed up with beautifully tailored silk trousers. Is this what Joan Jett would look like if she grew up and got a job in an art gallery in the Big Apple? We hope so." I don't have words ....

By the way Milan fashion Week is from February 23rd through March 1st. I'm thinking if I'm going to be flying anywhere it isn't going to be to some city named after a rodent.

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