Saturday, February 26, 2011

Observations from the Window 2.26

It's the Saturday before spring break at Penn State so let me start by wishing you all a Happy State Patty's Day. Five years ago St. Patrick's Day fell during spring break so State Patty's Day was born to enjoy the holiday's drinking and other fine traditions. Well after all Penn State was awarded the #1 Party School title for a reason. Just picture a mid-winter football weekend with a lot of green clothes and beer, sad but that description reminds me of a Notre Dame football weekend.

I did read one comment to a blog post about State Patty's day that goes a long way in explaining why the 'holiday' has become a bit controversial with the locals in State College. Among other things the comment said this, ".... And if they really are afraid they SHOULD stay out of downtown that day. This town belongs to us." That is such a totally stupid thing to say. True State College wouldn’t be the same without Penn State but the reverse is also true, Penn State wouldn't be the same without State College. Drop the main campus in the middle of Philly or Pittsburgh and what would you have? Temple or Pitt, enough said.

Yesterday was just a dreary and rainy day in the Village but it was a day to get some work cleaned up at home. Yes a day for cleaning, washing the black, and maybe even buying some foods. But instead I started playing with what I loosely call my empire. I always had a list of my site links to the side of this blog but it can't tell you in any detail what they are so I came up with the idea of adding a page that did explain them better. Well while I was working on that idea I came up with yet another idea so now you can see why I don't get much sleep.

I love to look at other people's art almost as much as I enjoy working on my own. I can spend hours just looking at photos and paintings or just reading well written blogs. Really I just enjoy art in almost any form, it's what makes me go, and my idea was this. Up until now I had three Tumblr blogs all of which were nsfw and one of which is almost as secret as my Facebook page. I am always seeing shots of one kind or another that I love but that just don't fit into the idea of the other three Tumblrs, some of the shots I favorite and some I don't. I decided I would start a fourth one just to show photos that are totally safe and just as gorgeous as the others. I didn't get to that blog page but this is the official unveiling of le quatrième (l), the fourth and hopefully last of my Tumblrs.

Have a good one and enjoy the green beer.

Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar

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