Saturday, March 26, 2011

Observations 3.26

"A Robin!"

And with that simple two word text from my sister I realised that, weather or not, it really is spring and it's time to start feeling like it. Been through some warm days, watched a Phillies game, and even sat on the roof but I just didn't feel like winter was ever going to let go until I got that message today. The knowledge that somewhere in my world, anywhere in it, there was a robin that had returned from wherever it is that robins go on hiatus was enough. Yes Katie there will be a spring, you just may have to wait the slightest bit longer.

I have some major events to coming up so I really wish it would warm up and let me get in a warm weather mood. The 2nd of April is the first day of trout season in southeastern Pennsylvania and there is talk of all four of us going out together for the first time in years. For now that is dependent on the weather because I refuse to wear a winter coat to fish for trout. I was never one for ice fishing and I'm not about to start now. Than in mid-May the local minor league baseball team is honoring my sister's field hockey team for their district championship. The beginning of June brings the sis' high school graduation and rumor has it a pig roast to celebrate. I better get Foxy's oil changed because it seems I have a lot of driving to do.

So yes I'm ready for spring's warmth and with it family, fishing, sports, roast pork, and driving with the top down. What more could I ask for? I'm thinking cold beer.

And finally, before all the others ....

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