Monday, March 28, 2011

Observations from the Gallery 3.28

This will probably be a rather short post because I'm about to try something new. I downloaded the Google Blogger app for my Droid today. I wanted to try it out so I think this will be my first ever posting by phone. I have no idea how it is going to look when published and the app doesn't have a spell checker so I may be doomed from the start but I still must try.

Another thing missing is the ability to edit previously published posts. That is nothing totally Earth shattering but it means I can't keep a running post going by phone, unless I can save and post over and over, I must ponder that one. But for now yes, just another app on my phone.

Soon I'm going to need one of those newer droids that can run more than one app at a time. Now I have blog apps, sports apps, mail apps, twitter, facebook, music; what the hell did we do before we had apps on our phones?

Well it's time to hit the publish button and see what happens. Hopefully the world doesn't come to an end.

(I did learn one thing, don't try and use code, it doesn't work. On top of that don't try and fix it if you do try and use code, it just makes a mess of it)

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