Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Observations from the Library 3.30

I dont know why I am doing this but here are a few things that just totally irritate me. Maybe it's like a spring cleaning for my head ....

I hate when somebody is painting with good brushes than just drops them in a can of solvent, doesn't clean them, just drops them in the can. Kolinsky sable hair filberts are not just brushes and they deserve better than sharing a can with the brush that you used to spread latex on the wall.

It drives me crazy when people smoke while they drive than just toss the cigarette out the window. Nothing like cruising down the interstate on a dark night only to have a cigarette butt hit your windshield and explode in a shower of sparks. And while I'm on the subject of smoking I absolutely can't stand second hand smoke. I know I have smoked for years but it's true. Smoke filled bars or clubs just give me a headache, I rarely if ever smoke inside, and don't even get me started on smoking in the car with the windows up.

I think I remember now why I started this, supposedly well educated people who refuse to believe President Obama was born in the Hawaii or is a citizen of the US. Yesterday I got into a discussion with somebody who turned out to have way more conservative views than I have. So I asked him where he thought President Obama was born. Kenya was the answer I got and it was as if a trip wire in my head had been yanked. I just don't know how to deal with people like that and I ended the discussion right there.

I have a theory on this whole 'birther' thing. Personally I think that it is just pure racism and ignorance wrapped in the American flag to make it more presentable. Seriously, if you are so damn sure Obama isn’t a citizen just impeach him, take it to court, do something other than bitch and whine about it. If they can try to impeach Clinton for not having sexual relations with that girl surely you can impeach Obama for lying about his birth place. But that is only if you are sure about it; otherwise please just shut the hell up.

And than there are those modern day robber barons at GE, Exxon, and and ....

Iggy Pop feat. Sum 41 - Little Know It All

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