Thursday, May 26, 2011

Observations from the Bar 5.26

So why am I writing from the bar on a Thursday afternoon? I took a rare two days off where I decided not to do anything work related so I'm at the bar watching an afternoon Phillies - Reds game. If the Reds should win this, they are losing 1-0 as I write, they will have earned it. The Reds lost to the Phillies earlier today in a 6 hour 12 minute 19 inning marathon which ended at 1 in the morning. Today's game started at 1 so they got little sleep, the game time temp was 85°, and Cliff Lee is pitching for the Phillies. Not going to happen.

Yesterday, well yesterday I did a whole lot of nothing. I wandered lowest Manhattan checking in at one Starbucks after another as I chased the barista badge on foursquare. I should have gotten it but evidently the foursquare computers didn't think what I did was possible. Along the way I also checked out some used bookstores I have wanted to get into but never did. I found some sweet deals on photography and art books but I refrained because I need more art books stacked in the apartment about as much as I need, well, more art mags stacked around the apartment.

I did make one very important discovery during my wanders. I was sitting at a marina next to the World Trade Center, just sipping my coffee, and wondering why so many people were out and about on a Wednesday. As I watched a police helicopter circle overhead I began to get more than a little worried when it suddenly dawned on me. Yesterday was the start of Fleet Week in New York and my art obsessed mind didn't even know it. Why was I not told? That also explains all the sailors I saw walking around and why Ash wanted me to be at the gallery all weekend. Sneaky bish knew and didn't tell.

As predicted the Phillies won rather easily by a 10-4 score. While I was watching the game a guy on twitter asked me to name my 5 greatest sports dynasties of all time. After some thought I threw him my own kind of fastball:

"k im going to make you think, 4 women's teams :) (@KcNightfire Give me your top 5 sports dynasties of all time...) in no particular order the current UConn womens basketball (6 champs since 00), 92-01 Maryland womens lacrosse (7 champs), 82-00 North Carolina womens soccer (16 champs), than my #1 is 07-10 Penn State womens volleyball (4 straight champs and a 107 match winning streak). honorable mention to Lance Armstrong, as far as i know he never did test positive for anything."

Now Philly moves on to play the dysfunctional Mets in New York this weekend. Fleet Week and the Phils in New York, going to be another weird one.

Sick Puppies - Riptide

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