Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Observations from the Coffee Shop 5.25

I have tried to stay away from posting other peoples writing on here, sticking with an occasional video I want to share, but yesterday I read something that I always think but have never put into words. I often wonder why Democrats and liberals always have to play nice. We shouldn't stoop to their level or it only demeans us are just two of the arguments for the biblical 'turning of the cheek.' But why should we? In the end the truth is simply the truth. Just because somebody can't handle it or doesn't like it doesn't make it any less true.
As Martin Luther King Jr. said "A right delayed is a right denied.” Truth.

"It Is Time For The LGBT Community To Start Kicking"
by Bridgette P. LaVictoire
May 24, 2011

“‘And which one is this?’ he said. ‘The truth that is so precious it must be surrounded by a bodyguard of lives? The truth that is stranger than fiction? Or the truth that is still putting its boots on when a lie is running around the world?’…’The truth has got its boots on,’ he said. ‘It’s going to start kicking.’”- Terry Pratchett The Truth pg 292.

The day has come to stop acting as if tomorrow is going to be nice, and that those opposed to marriage are going to be willing to wage a war where the debate is going to be polite and kind. The hour has come to stop acting as if we are not at war, and that those opposed to us are going to let us live even if we lose. The minute has come to start kicking back.

They will claim that they are just protecting children, when in reality they are protecting their own privilege. They will claim that they are trying to protect families, when in reality they are aiming to destroy them. They will claim that they are trying to protect society, when in truth they are willing to do anything to destroy it.

They will hold up the traditions of the past and claim that they are sacrosanct. They will aim to put women into a lower place in society all the while claiming that it is for the good of the children. They will lie about lesbians and gays and how they are unfit parents all the while sweeping away the real and rational data that is out there. They would rather children remain in orphanages and in unstable foster care simply because they care less for the children than they ever claim. After all, the good of the children is not as important as protecting their privilege.

They will come with familiar faces all the while hiding their true masters. They will deny that those pulling the strings are from religious organizations, and especially deny that they are working on behalf of child molesters. They will cast lesbians and gays as monsters all the while hiding the reality that they protect monsters who prey on children. They will claim that they are working for a higher good, but in truth they will have sold their souls for a slice of the money they bring in and the fame that it brings. They will abandon their own children to gallivant across the country to spread their message of hate and lies and do so because they put more importance on keeping lesbians, gays, women, and all non-white males “in their place”.

They will convince some of those out there that they are their friends. They will get the occasional Black or Hispanic face to show the world, but in truth they are not friends to them.

You know these people, of course. They will come with the same tired lies that have been proven wrong time and time again and they will claim over and over again that it is the truth when it is a lie. They will talk about how the Catholic Charities in Boston had to fold up shop because of a law allowing adoption rights for lesbians and gays when, in reality, they know that the Catholic Charities were willing to remain open, it was the bishops and cardinals who, not caring about the children, shut the door. They will talk about children being punished for not accepting homosexuality when they cannot point to a single case anywhere.

The likes of Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown have sold their souls for a lot of money, and they and their cohorts will lie and distort so as to make it so that their side wins, and when that does not work, the Catholic Church will even send out priests to nursing homes to ‘help’ the elderly fill out their absentee ballots like it is rumored they did in Maine.

The time has come for the LGBT Community to start kicking. For every distortion and lie that they hit us with, hit back with the truth, and not just the warm feel good truth. If they say that lesbians and gays are not suppose to get married, then hit back with the stats on divorce and separation saying that we cannot make more of a mess of marriage than you guys. If they claim that lesbians and gays are child molesters, then hit them hard with the facts about the molestation of children in the Catholic Church, one of the two religious organizations using the National Organization for Marriage to do their dirty work at arm’s length. If they claim that this restricts their religious freedoms, remind them that there are many churches that support marriage equality and that those churches are having their religious freedom actively suppressed by them.

The time has come in Minnesota and New York to fight and fight dirty.

This is war, and we did not ask for it to be this way, but we will and must carry it forth as one."


  1. I have to agree with this. While they play the dirtiest game possible, destroying people's lives, doing real harm to real people who want nothing more than to live a fulfilling respectable life, we ( the LGBT ) have maintained civil and often too polite response. I think it's past time to take the same stance. You fuck with us and we will destroy you. Pull all stops legally short of physical violence and lies. I hate violence. Relentlessly target them as individuals as they do us. Go after every skeleton in their closet and bring it to the public. Seeing the hypocrisy and lies and all the dirty details is the only way people will get the picture. Education alone just is not working.

  2. I so agree with you here. It's not enough to be right, taking the high road, and just let them win every time because we won't get into the fight. There's a saying that peace is not passive, peace requires action. Well, equality and fairness require action as well. It's important we all stand up for what is right.

    All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke

  3. Thanks for the comments! God there isn't much I can add to either one. I will say I was first going to use this quote but I decided to play nice.

    “Burst down those closet doors once and for all, and stand up and start to fight.” Harvey Milk