Sunday, May 1, 2011

Observations from the Coffee Shop 5.1

I never have thought much about wedding photography. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with doing weddings, just that it doesnt seem to fit my personality. A few months ago I found this photo by Drew of His and Hers Photogaphy (l) and I fell in love with it and wanted to share. If there was ever a wedding shot I wish I had taken it is this one. It's just such a beautiful photo and the more I look at it the more I love it. Is there anything better to say about any portrait than that it makes you smile every time you see it? This photo does just that to me and it's not even black & white.

Well I guess I should admit that what reminded me of it was watching some of 'the' wedding on Friday. I watched for purely historic reasons, truth, it is history in the making and I'm sticking to that. So while I'm writing I suppose I could offer some thoughts and trivia on the wedding.

So here are my primary thoughts on the affair, The future Queen has an awesome name, Kate, and she was hot. But Kate's younger sister Pippa was totally hotter in her simple dress that was designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. If I ever get married I want a photo like the top and a dress like Pippa's. 

My fav quote of the day was by Martin Bashir of MSNBC who said that the wedding just solidified England as the worst dressed nation in Europe. I guess I have to agree because it looked like some of the women guests had raided the discarded hat box at a Lady Gaga video shoot. On Thursday Dylan Ratigan did a funny piece on wagering on the wedding which included the odds on the wedding dress being red which paid $1000 on a dollar bet. More fun was betting on the color of the Queen's hat. On a $10 bet yellow paid $7.27, light blue $17.50, and my personal favorite black paid $330. The thought was that she always wears light blue in cooler weather so that was the way to go but the thought was wrong and she wore yellow. An unknown gambler placed a $6,000 bet on Kate wearing a Russian tiara which had been made for Queen Victoria. I don't know how that turned out. Where they will honeymoon is still a big secret with rumors swirling and changing daily. I liked the one that had them going to Transylvania where the Prince of Wales owns a property.
Personally I would pass on the vampire honeymoon, unless Pippa was going along. I know, you just can not take me anywhere.

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