Thursday, April 28, 2011

Observations from the Coffee Shop 4.28

I was doing some work from home today when it suddenly got weird. Even considering this is my life I am writing about it was weird. The New York area was expecting thunderstorms all day so when it started getting dark outside I didn’t think anything of it. However the green tinted sky I saw over the Village was something I wasn’t expecting. I don’t think I have ever seen a green tinted sky and I had no idea what it meant. What I half expected to see were agents K and J pulling up in front of our building in their black Crown Vic. 

I quickly googled 'green tinted sky' and found this which was written by a storm chaser. "A green tinted sky is from the suns rays reflecting off moisture and hail stones up in the clouds. This means that the storms updraft is very strong. A very strong updraft is one of the key ingredients for forming a tornado." Now I'm not one to panic but given recent news from the south and west I wasn't at all thrilled to read that. I have seen the movie "Twister" and know how cows blow down the road in a tornado and my thought was the gods only know what would blow down a New York street in such a storm.

Still, in a situation like that there is only one thing to do, grab the camera and go for a walk. I got as far as Union Square when the heavens opened up and I dove in the nearest shop which as luck would have it was Trader Joe's Wine Shop. I guess there are worse ways to spend a thunderstorm than discussing something I know absolutely nothing about, wine, while my storm hair dripped on the floor. And damn the wine at Trader Joe's is cheap too. As the storm passed I claimed two bottles of Spanish Syrah for only $10 and was on my way home.

I know it sounds a little silly to go for a walk when the sky is green but how would we get all that good stuff for the Weather Channel if everybody did that? I just asked myself what Joe Cantore would do.

Flyers update - After last night's win the Flyers are now 9-6 in seventh games and 6-3 when they are played at home. Stanley Cup round two begins Saturday afternoon with the Flyers home against the Boston Bruins in a rematch of last year's series which the Flyers won after trailing 3 games to none. The puck drops at 3PM or shortly after “God Bless America" is song by that known hottie Lauren Hart.

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