Friday, June 3, 2011

Observations from the Coffee Shop 6.3

This hasn’t been my most prodigious week of writing but I have been fighting a respiratory affliction for over a week and at times it just seems to be wearing me down. I might add that it is totally non-smoking related and Ash’s theory is I’m finally allergic to the city and need a beach to recharge. I really can’t argue with that one. I have had thoughts I wanted to write about but not the desire but maybe I can get caught up over the next few days.

I wanted to get back to last weekend and a couple of fun moments I had. While I don’t have any kind of drive to make new friends I do, and always have, like meeting new people and moments in time. By that I mean a feeling that can only happen under a certain set of circumstances at a certain time and no other. It’s just a random aligning of the stars that gives you something to remember and make you smile when you do. I had two of those moments last weekend. One was totally vain and the other just reinforced the knowledge that it takes all kinds people and all kinds can get along when the situation is right.

the DancerThe totally vain moment occurred last Saturday when I decided to stop by the club I had worked at last year. I took a cab from the gallery and when it pulled up outside I saw the usual weekend line was augmented by the ever present sailors. When I got out of the cab one of the bouncers recognized me and waved me through the door. Just the look on people’s faces as I walked by was precious. Like I said just a totally vain moment but for that moment I totally owned my world and I loved it. The moment passed quickly because once inside I saw the club had added dancers, dancers on the one bar. I thank the gods they weren’t there when I was working because I don’t think I would have gotten one order right.

PhotobucketThe other moment happened on Sunday while I was leaning on the outside wall of the gallery smoking a cigarette. Now that I think about it a pose that is a bit iconic for me because I seem to have done it at every place I work. Anyway as I was standing there a pair of marines came walking down the street carrying a radio and listening to the Indianapolis 500, something I was not permitted inside the gallery. I offhandedly asked who was winning the race not knowing if I would get an answer or not and instead of answering the two of them sat down on the sidewalk and turned up the radio. So there you had two marines who, though I didn’t venture to ask, were prob straighter than the stick up Donald Trump’s ass and the dark lesbian, thought I didn’t venture to tell, sitting outside the gallery for a half hour discussing the pros and cons of Danica Patrick reacing in NASCAR full time. Just a moment in time.

Like I am wont to say there is always hope.

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