Sunday, July 24, 2011

Observations from the Window 7.24

Some random notes from the heatpocalypse.

When I first get on twitter in the morning I normally check two things before anything else. My horoscope, but we aren't going there right now, and the weather. Friday morning my NYC weather tweet said simply "the city is ready to boil." Not an effing good way to start the day, not at all. Also State College tied an all time record for high temperature Friday, 102°. In all the time I spent there I never remember it being that hot. Seriously, the mountains are supposed to be cool not an amazonian sauna.

The Phillies beat the Padres Friday night with Cole Hamels' collecting his 12th win of the year in an amazing performance. He struck out 10 batters in 8 innings in a game that began with a 7PM game time temperature of 98° which didn't seem to keep the usual 45,000 fans away. Unbelievable.

You might know by now that my vendor across the street is my barometer for all things weather related. Saturday he may have had his best idea ever. Bottled water. Not those little spray/fan things but honest to god iced bottled water. Cold, pour it over your head refreshing. Well done vendor guy. Friday night the temp in Central Park didn't dip below 100° until 7PM, just unreal.

Words just don't seem to describe it. Unbearable, blistering, wretched. No matter what you call it its fucking hot.

Billy Idol - Hot In The City (live)

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