Thursday, August 4, 2011

Observations from the Coffee Shop 8.4

Some random thoughts....

I have been back in the Village for only a couple days but I'm ready to go back to the shore. I wouldn't need much in the form of entertainment because I still have half my tequila, this has to be the first time I didn’t finish the bottle, and I only read one of the three books I took along. The sad thing is the one I read I already had before, "Just Kids" by Patti Smith. That leaves Maggie Nelson's "The Art of Cruelty" and Joel Sternfeld's "Walking The High Line" for a return trip. The latter is a big photo book I wanted to study and see if it gave me any ideas.

Guy told me just yesterday that I have no ass and I don't shake what I have enough. Guy doesn't know how close he came to being laid out but this time I just thanked him and walked away. Sadly this isn't the first time I've been told this, I rather like my ass tyvm. I'm thinking he must have been a Republican and speaking of Republicans, no I'm not ready to go there yet. I'm still feeling too good from the shore visit.

Why do some artists return to the same subject over and over? Watteau’s works often feature lovers in the last light of the day. Picasso was obsessed with the Minotaur whom he painted as a beast, a poet, a murderer, a murder victim, and others. Than there is German Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach the Elder who liked nothing better than painting beheadings or more precisely pretty women carrying severed heads. Try doing that today and you'll find yourself in a padded room at Bellvue.

I read an article in the Times last week that said women are more likely to sext than men. My thought is it's because women have a much more active erotic imagination than men who are too busy imagining minotaurs and severed heads.

The Phillies, 31 games over .500 and 8 games ahead of the Braves. Need I say more?

Ladytron - White Elephant

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