Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Observations from the Gallery 12.7 Randomness

Governor Rick Perry, gay or not gay? All the world wonders. Maybe all the world doesn't wonder but rumors do continue to swirl. If you have never seen it this would be a good time to watch Outrage a documentary by Kirby Dick about politicians who push an anti-gay agenda to cover the fact that they themselves are gay. Methinks you doth protest too much.

One of the stranger conversations I've had recently concerned the artistic merit of Resident Evil: Afterlife versus Resident Evil: Extinction. No decision was made but my thinking is Mila Jovovich looks rather stunning in either one so I don't really care. Extinction does have that slow cam shot up the legs in the opening sequence, deff a point in its favor.

In geek news I just discovered a Twitter app called Buffer. The free version allows you to load up to ten tweets in your 'buffer' and have the tweets spread out over preset times. The awesome part is you can download a Google Chrome extension that adds a button to Chrome. Click the button and it writes a tweet for whatever page you happen to be looking at. Now if you happen to follow me on twitter don't be surprised if I seem to be constantly tweeting, I'm not really there. 

It seems my little family is spreading farther and farther apart. My brother spends most of his days in the wilds of northern Pennsylvania working. I'm really happy for him because he always wanted a job where he could work outside and that is what this is. As always with us though he seems a little torn by it all. It's a good job, pays well, and he gets to go four-wheeling in his new jeep but in the end his salary is paid through his employer's contract with Shell Oil and its new fracking operation. The sis is continuing to move down her own beaten path and will be transferring out of Penn State after this semester. From art school to uncommitted to a political science major all in one year, seems we have more genes alike than we ever knew. I so miss spending time with her so hopefully we will get to over the holidays. As for myself, I'm always just a dream flight away from Paris. It is what it is, I guess the three of us will just conquer the globe one day.

With the holidays the days get longer at the gallery and the weekend days even longer. I think I need to get home, light some candles, slip into a hot tub filled with those black raspberry vanilla bubbles, and soak.

Maybe some wine is called for too.

Rihanna - We Found Love

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