Monday, April 30, 2012

Observations from the Window 4.30.1

The changing seasons, warm breezes carrying the sweet smells of hot asphalt and garbage. Wait, this isn't about the city ....

Unlike nature, or the way nature once was, my mind only acknowledges two seasons, warm and cold. Technically more because there are the grass, ice, and dirt sports seasons but this isn't a sports post and it just gets confusing. Everything suddenly changes, my thinking, my attire, and the tunes I listen to. The later is the surest sign my seasons have changed as I found out over the weekend.  Over the protests of the techno-pop gallery crowd I rediscovered an old friend. No Beach Boys here, my kind of summer tunes.

One other thing about the warm season, Foxy puts her top down
and we play the tunes really really loud.


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