Monday, April 30, 2012

Observations from the Window 4.30

The was a big article in The New York Times today about an upcoming biography of Joe Paterno so maybe I was already softened up when I got my sis' email. She also has the uncanny ability of knowing what to send me even when I don't know it's just what I need. Whichever the reason, when I saw this video I just had to smile. It's just a short thing, and isn't even about what I saw, yet it made me think about what it is like in my mountains this time of year.

May was always a fun yet hectic time at Penn State as I'm sure it is at any school. The end of the school year, finals, graduation, and the beginning of summer role into each other as the month moves by. There is something special added in the mountains though, a feeling of renewal that comes from the woods being reborn around you. I love that feeling and I'm thinking I may have to make a little spring road. Excuse? Well I still do know some people up there and I really need to visit my paintings.

Than again maybe I should just tell the truth.
Sometimes I'm just a softie.

Yeah that works too.


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