Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Observations on the 2012 Election

With the end of the Santorum and Gingrich campaigns the first chapter of the 2012 presidential campaign comes to a close. All we learned is what we knew at the beginning, it will be Willard facing President Obama in November. You know Willard, the man whose time has come, who waited his turn, who will be the first to tell you he is entitled to the job.

It was a fun ride while it lasted. The Republican primaries gave us the war on women, the war on birth control, the war on the poor, and according to Hugh Hefner the war on sex. They gave us a quarter billionaire nominee who will possibly be the only man to run for President who has had a horror movie named after him. They also gave us a cast of characters that included but was in no way limited to a bishop, a historian,  a mad woman from the north who was not named Palin, a pizza salesman, and Le Mitt Romneaux, a satirical twitter account of unknown origins. The nightly news will suffer their exiting the stage and they all will be missed greatly.

Upon further review, history is sure to judge us harshly.


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