Thursday, June 21, 2012

Observations from the Window 6.21

The Jerry Sandusky child perversion trial went to the jury today but it hasn't yet reached a verdict. Quite understandable when you consider that, even after the judge dropped 3 charges today, the jurors have 51 charges to go over. If convicted of just half of them Sandusky will likely spend the rest of his days in prison. Given the nature of the charges I don't think he would be coaching a football team of convicts à la Adam Sandler. Maybe some other type of team not proper to discuss in a public blog.

I spent some time following the closing arguments and also saw when the story began to leak about why Sandusky didn't take the stand in his own defense. After the trial began Sandusky's adopted son Matt had told prosecutors that he too had been abused and had offered to testify against his father. NBC News reported that Jerry Sandusky's lawyers decided against having the former coach testify after they learned that prosecutors planned to call a new witness if he did take the stand and they believed it to be Matt Sandusky.

The makeup of the jury has been the subject of debate in the national media because so many of its members are either graduates, employees, or former employees of Penn State. What the msm doesn't seem to understand is that central Pennsylvania is Penn State. During the main school year State College is the third largest city in the state and the University is the second largest employer in the state. There isn't a county between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh where the jury makeup would have been much different.

I don't think the jury makeup is a factor in the verdict at all and in my opinion if anything it works against him. I don't know the details of the trial itself or the testimony but I do know this. If my family and personal contacts are any gauge at all Sandusky will spend the rest of his life in Graterford. Well probably not Graterford itself but one can always dream.

I don't believe in the death penalty, it would probably be too easy on Sandusky in any case, but I am so tempted to change my mind in his case.

Hopefully Friday will bring a verdict because now I just want it over. If for no other selfish reason than the sight of Jerry Sandusky, for a time second only to JoePa in the pantheon of Penn State sports, the sight of the man just makes me sick.

And than there are the kids ....

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